Frequently Asked Questions


  • What should I wear?


There's no golden rule on what you should wear during a photo shoot, but I've often heard the word timeless to describe the best outfit.  Wear something that you're not likely to be ashamed to show on your wall a few years down the road. It can be good to wear matching colors if you're a couple or a group, and it can also pay off to bring some kind of bright color prop that really makes your pictures pop.


  • Why does a professional photographer cost as much as they do?


I often get this as people wonder why in the world they should pay as much as  professionals charge for a photographer. After all, there's a camera on your phones, what's the difference? I can't answer all those questions here, but let's walk through some of the costs of being a photographer. First of all there's the often years of experience and preparation that professionals have to be able to take beautiful pictures.  Then, there's the equipment, Professionals' equipment often costs well into the thousands of dollars. Next photographers are event planners, for weddings, engagements, or any type of shoot, photographers are there working with people every step of the way to make sure the client looks good and is stress free at the time of the shoot or event. Then photographers perform the actual job, which if it's a wedding will take hours of hard work compared to short photo segments.  But after all of that, it's not until after the shoot that the real work begins. A good photographer will take lots of time in post-processing.  I usually spend between 5-15 minutes per fully edited photo, making sure I have it just right.  This means that in that little 30 minute shoot where you get 30 photos, your photographer is likely to spend somewhere between 7-10 hours of work just on that, and at a rate of $200 for that shoot, I know people who work in the laundry in Switzerland, who make more than that hourly.


  • I don't like the word Photoshop, I want to look natural


At the Geneva Photographer, there's nothing to be afraid of.  We're not going to cut away fat or make you look completely different (unless you ask for it). Our goal in the post-processing process is to make the photos look as good and natural as we possibly can.  That means fixing white balance imbalances, reducing shadows on faces and eyes, removing lens distortions, getting a nice sharp picture and technically correct look.  Our goal is merely the simulation of the ideal lighting conditions in each photo.


  • Payment and Refunds


Payment dates differ depending on the shoot, but worst case scenario, payment is due the day of the shoot.  Down payments can be refunded up to one week before the shoot. In cases of larger shoots that require full payment before the day of the event, the rest of the payment may be refunded up to the travel cost incurred on me by traveling to an event.  For example, if a bride or groom decides to ditch a wedding, I will keep the down payment and any extra money I needed to travel to the wedding.  The remaining sum will be refunded.


  • Do I need a visa to enter France or Switzerland?


Possibly?  Check with your local authorities before traveling.  American citizens can travel to France and Switzerland for tourist purposes for up to 90 days.


  • How do  I get my photos after the shoot?


I will upload them online and you can download them with a link I send.


  • How long does it take to get my photos?


I usually finish editing within one to two weeks

  • Will anyone else see my photos?


Unless you specificy beforehand, I reserve the right to use the photos for advertising purposes such as on my website and social media.